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☕️Many people struggle with what to do after a "bad" day of eating regardless of whether or not it was a binge. Maybe you just didn't eat as well as you could have for a few days. Maybe it was your birthday or a holiday or another celebration. Either way, people often restrict or guilt or punish themselves and - even though they logically know it's unnecessary and does more harm than good - they still continue to do it which is why I made this graphic to, hopefully, serve as a friendly reminder should you ever need it.


🐸Listen, if you go "off track" you don't need to fast for a day or two to "make up for it." There's no reason to starve yourself or massively restrict your calories. It's thoughts like this that build and perpetuate unhealthy relationships with food. Get right back on track with your normal routine and you're good to go.


🐼Along the same lines, you don't need to do extra workouts or cardio or go to the gym more than usual. That'll often do more harm than good because you might push yourself too hard, get hurt (or insanely sore) and put yourself out of commission which, obviously, will make you feel worse. Get right back on track with your normal routine and you're good to go.


🐣Finally, don't think you screwed up - I promise, you didn't. As I've said before and I'll say again, progress comes from consistency NOT rigidity. A day or week or month will not make or break your long term results. Get right back on track with your normal routine and you're good to go.


🦄The best strategy? Fall immediately back into your normal routine. Get right back on track. Don't do anything special or unique or extra and definitely don't feel the need to punish yourself. Because there's nothing to punish yourself over. You ate what you ate. You did what you did.

It's over. Done with. Can't change it. So make the best step moving forward and get right back on track.

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Too good not to repost 🙌🏻yes there are differences in micronutrients and nutritional content. NO that's not the point of this post. Read it 🤓🔥#Repost @jessi_jean_fitness with @repostapp


Just as was highlighted in my other #EatThisORThat Post - These two foods *ARE* different in terms of their micronutrient values. The vitamins and minerals, the types of carbohydrates, & the effects on the body **ARE** different on many levels. 

The point of this type of post is to NOT to say Ice Cream is better for your health, but rather to debunk the myth that you HAVE to restrict the foods you may enjoy in order to reach your weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance goals. 

#FlexibleDieting is about sustainability - allowing room in diet for foods that satisfy your cravings, with the understanding that it is very important that you are hitting your micronutrient & fiber needs as well. 

This approach to dieting pulled me out of the obsessive binge/restrict cycles I was trapped in for YEARS. 

I will take my occasional ice cream & mental health over an obsessive & unhealthy relationship with food that kept me trapped in fear & horrible binge/restrict cycles. #DoWhatWorksForYou #RespectOthers#YouCANEatCleanAndBeAFlexibleDieterToo#WaitWhat #YesYOUCan  #SoBossDiet #IIFYM#FlexibleDiet 


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