vanilla carrot cake hiiiigh protein thickkkk pancakes with CHIIILI PEANUT BUTTER & pancake syrup (the only wf sweet syrup I can eat without puking haha) 🍯🐰
if you haven’t tried #MyRecipe yet, I recommend you do, asap! 🍯🐰✌🏼️🍁



yesterday was for some random reason har-sh, I find it hard to accept that some days you just wake up anxious, and it keeps holding on to you all day no matter how much you try to make it go away. it doesn’t… and it makes me crazy feeling like that. like a balloon ready to explode any minute…
but I have to accept that those days comes and goes. no matter who you are or what you’ve been through, some people have had a more rough life and been through things other people could ever imagine. I’m one of them… and some days, it all just crash inside of me, and I don’t really know how to handle that…

woke up feeling a little better today, sundays have never been much anxious for me, it never had.
why? because it means a whole new week is ahead of me and I can start fresh and fine. sundays are for recovery and trying to just do things that makes me feel good! 🍁🍿🎧🎨
so take care of yourself, accept that you can’t allways be on top, everyone have bad days now and then, some have it worse than others, but it’s hard for all of us when the day/s hit us.

acceptance, selflove, we need more of that!

Recept för "carrot cake" pannkakorna:
1 skopa vanilj blandprotein (elr.kasein)
2 tsk sötströ
150g riven morot
1 dl äggvita
0,25-0,5 dl mjölk

Vispa ihop med gaffel.
Ta en toppad matsked med smet och ploppa ut pannkakor i en upphettad non-stick/elr smörjd panna.
Stek tills de börjar bubbla/stelna lite smått på ytan, vänd och stek lite till.

Servera med vad som passar dig, vaniljglass hade ju faktiskt inte suttit fel!


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