[Some of you have expressed how much you enjoyed my insight regarding “balance” that I shared on @Bucciradio . So, let’s elaborate.] The term “Balance”…what does it mean to me?

O you know, just another one of those words with a completely subjective definition that’s thrown around the industry to help mask the realization that you’re actually out of control.

Wait, what? “Balance” and “moderation” are both terms commonly used by addicts(alcoholics especially) to make themselves feel in control of a situation they have absolutely no control over.

In regards to nutrition, “balance” seems to have many definitions.

It might mean eating clean all week and then having an all out binge until you’re physically ill and rolling around in pain, because #balance.

It might mean eating clean all day and then giving in to the temptation of chocolate, crying for half an hour and punishing yourself with an hour on the stair mill, but then making an Instagram post about how you practised #balance today.

You will even see people post about how they are practising balance because they are on holidays. What exactly does that mean? If practising balance is something you only do on holidays, or the odd Saturday night, that contradicts the idea of actually having balance… Essentially, you’re saying that all the other days of the year you’re unbalanced.

It’s not that I have a personal vendetta against the words balance and moderation, not at all. I dislike that those words are used in the wrong context and interpreted poorly. 1. They have a different definition to everybody. 2. They are often used as a coping mechanism to make yourself feel better about something you ‘shouldn’t’ be doing.

As far as I’m concerned, balance has nothing to do with food sources at all, and everything to do with your mindset towards eating food.

I think balance in nutrition is being able to eat what you crave and keep your body healthy without EVER experiencing negative emotions afterward. (I use the term “negative” loosely, as I think shame, guilt, etc, can play a role in self-growth if we harness that energy properly.) Continued below

If you feel guilt, shame, self-hatred, or sadness because you ate ANY food(and I mean ANY damn food) you haven’t quite been able to reach “balance.” Balance is a state of mind, not a conscious choice to eat a bowl of broccoli to “balance” out a pizza and ice cream.

If the human race didn’t spend so much time practising extremism, balance wouldn’t be such an elusive quality. I mean shit, we make it sound like finding balance is a long mysterious journey through the deathly hollows, when in reality, we were born in balance.

You had balance at some point. You never stressed about food as a child. You ate when you were hungry(if you were as blessed as I was), you didn’t when you weren’t. Some of us straight up lived off chicken fingers and pizza pockets, mowing them down as fast as we could so we could go back outside and play. We didn’t get stressed and feel guilty about our meal. We ate, we lived.

Fitness takes that away from a lot of people, and the quest back to that way of living is a lot more simple than the media wants you to believe.

Food should never run your life. You’ve got bills, family, a career, etc. The last thing you need to do is stay up late doing cardio because you think that slice of cake you ate at your son’s 5th birthday might ruin your physique.



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